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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Corrected Link for Giving

"To err is human, to forgive, divine" :)
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Hi there, everyone!
We're down to one week before landing in Europe! We've been praying and fasting and seeking the Lord for a major outpouring of His spirit on this tour.
AND we have been so blessed by everyone who has sown into the trip through finances.

We realized that the link for giving was not working on our previous email. So we're sending it again to give you an opportunity to SOW SEED into this powerful tour.
We covet your prayers throughout the trip! Here's our Itinerary...

July 5-7            Scotland, UK Free Worship Ministries,
                        Victor Francis
July 8-9           Luxembourg         
                        Cathedral of Worship,
                        Pastor Roger Madeiros
July 10-11       Brussels, Belgium    
                        Ebenezer Church,
                        Pastor Angel Sciarrotta
July 12-13       London, UK          
                        You Are The One Live Encounter
                        The Diamond Arena,
                        The Rock Tower 7pm
July 14-23        Lorrach, Germany     
                        14th Kingsway Bible College Meeting
                        15th Christian Motorcyclists Assoc.
                        Kreuzeiche zwischen, Lörrach &
                       Adelhausen 2-4pm
                       16th Full Gospel Businessmen
                        Restaurant Lasser, Lörrach 7-10 pm
                        20th A Worship Experience
                        Christuskirche Nansenstraße 6; 79539
                        Lörrach  7:30 pm

We love you and can't wait to share the testimonies of what the Lord did in Europe!

Tim & Sheena

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

European Worship & Teaching Tour

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Hello dear friends,
Tim and I are embarking on a Worship & Teaching tour to 5 European nations in July. It is the first tour of it's kind for us and we know it WON'T be the last! .


First Stop, Scotland

Here's the itinerary...

Details are still being finalized for Sheena to teach a gathering of musicians, singers, and worship leaders on "Praise and Worship and the Glory of God". There is a possibiltity that Sheena will be able to address the National Choir of Scotland as they are preparing for a major worship event on July 20. Perfect timing for a Rhema word about worship that releases the Glory!
We will both minister in the word and in worship with Pastor Roger and Eunice Madeiros at their church, Cathedral of Worship on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Pastor Madeiros is a Brazilian Soccer player and he and his wife have recently birthed this work in Luxembourg.
We will be 2 nights at Ebenezer Church teaching and worshiping with Pastor Angel and Sylvia Sciarrotta. Sheena will get to practice speaking and singing in Spanish at this Spanish congregation.
July 12-13 LONDON, UK
Sheena will be a guest singer for a night of worship w/ Ted Jiboye & Towdah Music Family.
The week in Germany includes ministry for Kingsway Bible College students, Christian Motorcyclists Association, Full Gospel Businessmen, and finally a night of Worship (A.W.E. 3) at the Evangelical Church of Christ, Lorrach.

Here's the need...

The cost of traveling to and within Europe is approximately $5,000. We are financing our own travel expenses so we do not place a burden on the churches and ministries that are hosting us.
Would you consider being a part of our "100 for 50" team that sends us to the nations? We need 100 of our friends, family, and ministry partners to give a $50 gift toward our travel expenses and we'll have it covered!

Will you come along?
To date we have recieved $1,000 toward our goal. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed. Will you "COME WITH US TO EUROPE" by sowing a $50 seed? You will be a part of impacting nations for the Kingdom! If you cannot go, why ot SEND?

Click here to give securely via PayPal
We love you and appreciate your participation in this ETERNAL and powerful endeavor,
Tim and Sheena

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Friday, May 11, 2012

A Worship the Country!

I want to invite you to COME, WATCH LIVE on our streaming channel, and/or PRAY for this event to be the start of a move of God in this region!
Madisonville, Texas happens to be the center of the "Texas Triangle" surrounded by three major cities; Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Since we arrived here at the end of last year, I have had an increasing burden to believe God for an unprecedented outpouring of His Spirit here. Praying for the city itself has never seemed enough. I feel a burden for the Region, the 100 mile radius around this city. I feel God challenging me to believe Him to spark a spiritual flame that burns for hundreds of miles. Why not here? Why not now??

I made a new friend; Sallie Carter runs the Art & Worship Center here in Madisonville. She will be joining us for the night of worship and will be creating prophetic art as we worship the Lord.  Here is one of her pieces...

God Bless You As You Worship,

Sheena Doorn

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Enemies of Worship Part 1

Is 30 minutes "too long to stand up" for a time of worship? I was told recently that it was.

Have we become lazy that we can't stand up to worship God? Have we become so complacent and casual about being before God that we demand comfort? Are we really hungry for Him or are we settled into a slumber of religious observance? Are we awake to Him or are we just putting in time on Sunday to say we went to church?

The first enemy of intimate worship is a religious spirit!

How do we fight it off? By engaging spirit, soul, and body. Recalling his amazing goodness, thinking about His wonderful acts, singing with the mind and with the spirit also, lifting up holy hands, even dancing before Him. And honestly time passes so quickly when we are in the presence of the one we love.

God bless you as you worship!
Sheena E. Doorn

Friday, February 10, 2012

Praise God, the book is done:)

Hi friends,
I'm so excited to share that my first book "30 Minutes of Music; A Music Ministers Guide to Effective Praise and Worship" is AVAILABLE NOW.

You can order it here:

"The Glory of God is God’s splendor, copiousness, magnificence, beauty, excellency, majesty, honor, praise, prominence, grandeur, bravery, renown, and brightness. It filled the Tabernacle. His imposing form and appearance was made manifest in that moment. 
    Yet, The glory of God routinely eludes us in our church services. Why is this? Could it be because the worship leader is not a worshiper and therefore doesn’t experience the glory of God in his personal life? After all, he cannot lead the church where he has never been. Maybe it’s because the time clock is our god. When we don’t prioritize His presence over the agenda, the program, or the routine of the weekly service, His presence will certainly not manifest. Perhaps it’s because the musical worship time is not considered of any real value, but rather just a warm up for the main event; the message brought forth by the “man of God.” Certainly it’s because we don’t have the appropriate model for structuring the musical worship time and the church is being entertained by songs rather than entering into His glory. Of course if the worship leader was partying the night before and indulging the flesh we definitely won’t enter God’s glory during worship. In some cases, it’s because the choir director is a homosexual and the pastor refuses to address this.

" The Tabernacle lays out for us the path to His glory. The gate we must enter through is Christ Himself (John 10:9). Without true salvation we can only hope to encounter His presence. He cannot fellowship with sin. It is possible to lead praise and worship without being saved. However, it is impossible to stand in His glory unless we have walked through Christ, the Gate."
"As Worship Leaders, we want nothing more than the presence of God to inhabit our praise. The road to His presence is paved by purity. If we are endeavoring to be ministers who are musicians, we must keep the impurity that is inherent in the Music Industry out of our ministry. We must pursue God’s fame and not our own."
" When you are preparing for the morning worship service, consider the themes of the songs you are selecting. Each one has a particular audience and message. In fact, I have identified eight distinct categories that congregational Praise and Worship songs belong to and three categories of songs that don’t belong in congregational worship at all. By asking, “Who does this song address, what is the central focus of this song, and what is the primary message?” you can quickly determine which category it falls into. You can also decide if that particular song is working to help you move from the Outer Court to the Holy of Holies, since that is the goal.
"We can find countless examples of things we entrust to others because they possess the expertise in that field. Yet for some reason many, many pastors hire or appoint a skilled musician to lead the music and then turn around and micro-manage that individual leaving them powerless to fully express their giftedness in the church. Delegate the authority, and then trust the choice you’ve made. Keep the lines of communication open so that the Music Ministry is aware and in agreement with the vision of the house. Yet allow the person with the expertise to tell you what is best in the practical operation of the Music Ministry. And trust them to fulfill their role."

If you know a worship leader, singer, musician, or pastor who would be helped by the instruction and revelation in these pages, would you please share the link with them. Or better yet, order a copy for yourself and one for them.
Would you Help me get the word out?

Blessings to you as you worship!

Sheena E. Doorn